Top 10 Reasons Couples Split For Good

Published: 23rd June 2010
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Sometimes it's just not meant to be. Often it didn't even seem like it was, but you just stayed in a relationship because it was the best you could get. Maybe you were just lazy, afraid of being alone, or needed a boost to your self-esteem.

But you stuck in there. You tried to make it work, and then, out of the blue. Pow! It's over. Well, you weren't expecting that. Do you want them back? Do you think you can make it work? Can you change what caused the breakup, or are you just relieved?

I'll bet one of these things is the reason your ex is your ex:

1. Infidelity - They cheated on you and felt guilty, so made up some other excuse, like, 'we have grown apart', or ''I just need some space'. Or have you cheated on them? Shame on you. Time to move on I think, not many relationships can survive infidelity.

2. Communication - You don't bother getting together and discussing your problems, you just fight about them. Nobody communicates well when emotions are running high.

3. Sex - You're not having any. When physical intimacy goes you may wish to rethink your strategy. Show your love for your partner or they won't believe that you love them.

4. Abuse - If someone abuses you, leave them and don't go back. Whatever they promise.

5. Irreconcilable differences - You are only together because you had a quick drunken fumble and then you got pregnant. You're not suited in the slightest and it's a shame because it's hard on the kids. Make the best of a bad situation, get your lives in order and strive to be great parents even if you can't be a great spouse.

6. Children - The pressure of having children can harm a relationship. Some people cannot handle the responsibility.

7. Money - Not enough of it. Supporting another able bodied person is a great strain. Being short on cash will cause loads of arguments and inevitably, breaking up. Reframe your perceptions about what you can afford or make more money. Otherwise you face the end.

8. Addiction - Booze, drugs, gambling. You need some help. Please get it, you're hurting more than just yourself.

9. Growing apart. It's not just the cry of the unfaithful. Sometimes you just want different things in life. Amicable breakups ARE possible.

10. Your partner snores. You can't sleep, you're tired all the time. You want to kill.

Those are the official top 10 reasons people spit-up. If you think you're headed towards one of those, get some help.

Often, relationships just need a nudge in the right direction, and sometimes a temporary breakup can give it that nudge. Just remember, for it to be temporary, you need to get back together.

Some of those you can't control, but with modern anti snoring devices, you can ensure it's not because your partner can't sleep.

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