Five Fabulous Tips To Teach Your Ex A Lesson

Published: 04th June 2010
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That lesson being: You should not have split up with me.

Relationships are fragile and can explode at any moment, typically through something minor. One minute you're getting along like a house on fire, the next you're shouting at each other, someone says something they regret and it's over!

Has this ever happened to you?

I know only too well how upsetting and tense this can be. So, rather than acting intuitively, you should create a strategy,one which will bring you to your goals much faster. The impulse exists to lash out at your ex, to make them know how bad you feel, but that's the total opposite of what you should do, assuming you want them back.

These 5 tips will enable you to get some non-hurtful revenge, AND they'll more than likely draw your ex right back where you want him or her.

Pretend you're not hurting inside. Don't be flippant or your ex will think you don't care. Just don't let this take over your life, let them see that although you would like them back you are getting on with your life and moving forward.

Reduce contact. I cannot stress how essential this really is. Don't continuously text message them, send them emails or be on the phone every 5 minutes. People always want what they can't have and being aloof can make you mysterious and desirable. Even think about not answering their calls and texts the instant they come through.

Be reasonable. Instead of picking a fight every time you see your ex because you are angry about the situation, be fair and polite. Being visibly unhappy, angry or upset, will drive your ex away.

Network. Or if you're not a pretentious yuppie, Socialize. Knowing that you're out and about, meeting new people may cause a little jealousy, and that's a good thing. Don't rub their nose in it though, or you risk them washing their hands of you.

Remember who you were when you first met your ex. There was a reason you two got together. Remind them, and yourself, what that was. Stop taking each other for granted. Once relationships have aged a little it's absolutely possible that you won't be as tolerant of each other's little faults as you used to be. Try your hardest to get back that tolerance.

Following these 5 simple steps will not only help you get your own back, in a nice way of course, but they'll make it that much more likely that you'll get your ex back.

Don't miss the oppoortunity to get your ex back before they start sleeping with someone else.

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